2019-09-28 22.10.03Hello, there! Welcome to Amberly Way! My name is Amber, and I am a jewelry convert. For a long time, I wore the same basic pair of neutral earrings daily, because it was too much work to think about accessorizing. I thought I wasn’t a “jewelry wearer”, but actually there just wasn’t a lot out there that appealed to me. As a former officer manager turned stay-at-home mom (scratch that, WORK-at-home mom), I just want jewelry that is fun, affordable, and good quality. I don’t want to shop in the pre-teen store in the mall. I love quality handcrafted jewelry, but there wasn’t ever anything that appealed to my particular style. Many beautiful things, just not “me”.

It occurred to me that there have to be others out there who, like myself, have a hard time finding exactly what they want in jewelry. I decided to try to make my own, and who knew, but I had a knack for it (and the patience)! Now the time has come to share that with all of you who want jewelry that is simple, fun, and classic, but always unique. At least, that is the Amberly Way. =)

Shop:  AmberlyWay.com  

Facebook:  /theamberlyway    

Twitter:  @amberlyway

Instagram:  theamberlyway

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